Deca Specialties, Inc. is an Arizona-based business, with years of asset management experience.

Our focus is on bringing our expertise to your property business portfolio. Deca can bring value to your properties exterior appearance and improve on customer and tenant paradigms to help you grow your business.
Mesa, Arizona
Licensed - Bonded-Insured

Phone: 480-659-6730

What We Do
  1. Landscapes
    Whether it's residential or commercial, Deca can design, install, or remodel your landscape. We bring 30 years of experience to enhance your landscape to fit your lifestyle or your budget.
  2. Golf
    Deca brings years of golf course management to your door. If you are a course owner or manager, we can help with designs, improvements, and golf course consulting.
  3. Facilities
    Deca can help you with facility management. From pressure washing to light repairs to outdoor facilities, we can help make your job easier. What's on your list?
About Us
Deca Specialties, Inc. is an Arizona-based business, which began in 2011.

Our goal is to enhance your business through helping to better manage the outdoor aesthetics from a business method of evaluating costs and benefits, and giving sound recommendations, designs, and plans to help you grow.
Our business philosophy is to always meet or exceed customer expectations, while managing to the bottom line.